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    AFRC Lab is an Australian company that specialise in Thermal, Acoustic and Air Pressure simulations and reporting of building facade products. 

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What we do

AFRC Lab specialises in project specific Custom Assessments and reporting as it uses the actual size, configuration and sub-framing of the products being supplied to site. We highly recommend this way of testing and reporting to achieve the most accurate results for every project. 

"Custom assessments consider glazing element components in most detail and return the highest levels of assessed performance for a given type of glazing element. Generic assessments consider the components of glazing elements in less detail and return lower levels of assessed performance".NCC 2019

Utilising mulitphysics engines, AFRC Lab has developed industry leading virtual testing facilities capable of modelling complete systems, including blinds, shading devices, attachments, accessories and dynamic glazing products. 

The team is also available to support on any research and development projects. 

Please do not confuse us with the AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council) www.afrc.org.au

Thermal Transfer Video & Imagery

Utilising our powerful Multiphysics engine, we can develop videos of your product located anywhere in the world (based on ASHRAE weather Station Locations) on any location at any height on any day, week, month, year (up to 2017) for any time frame.

We can set customised conditions that may show things like dew point temperatures etc, we are also able to position videos side by side, above and below etc for comparative purposes.

Acoustic Simulations

AFRC Lab have developed a virtual acoustic test facility and created based on AS/NZS ISO717.1:2004 Acoustics - Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements Airborne sound insulation.

Our virtual test facility utilizes our powerful multiphysics engine that allows us to provide visualisations of each frequency and how it behaves as it passes through your products. Quick and affordable acoustic modelling can be project size and configuration specific. 

Air Pressure Simulations

AFRC Lab have developed a virtual air pressure test facility that utilizes our powerful multiphysics engine that allows us to provide visualisations of how air under pressure behaves as it passes through your products.

We are able to apply interal and external temperatures and show how the air mixes. As with our Thermal Transfer Videos we can attach actual weather station data.

Compliance Certification

AFRC Lab specialise in providing NCC compliance certification based on the AFRC Protocols. We focus on providing values for the Performance pathway, this method involves the modelling of complete systems to size and configuration.

Why AFRC Lab

Our experience suggests that if you are importing products there is a very high chance that the ratings have not been modelled following the AFRC Protocols or modelled by an AFRC trained company.

AFRC Protocols differ from other international protocols making the values incorrect for Australia. The AFRC Protocols are the only approved method for NCC compliance of Windows, Doors and Facades in Australia.

Who we are

AFRC Lab is one of a handful of businesses that have been AFRC trained whilst maintaining our independence.

We are an Australian business based in Melbourne with over 20 Years of industry experience that prides itself on its ability to provide honest, accurate, scientific based results for our Local, National and Global partners.

Our customers include Importers, Architects, Developers, ESD Consultants, Glass Companies, Hardware suppliers, Primary Die Holders, System Companies and Industry Associations. 

If you need to get your products certified for sales into the Australian market you have multiple options.

45+ Clients

20+ Years Experience

1,200+ Simulations

"Did you know that 87% of the time, project specific reporting provides a better result than WERS generic rated products." - David Morehouse, AFRC Lab.

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