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Please do not confuse us with the AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council)

​Advanced Fenestration Research and Certification Labs are specialists in helping you get more from your Fenestration
Are you loosing business everyday? Stop saying no, we can't achieve those Uw
AFRC Lab is here to help your sales teams succeed.

AFRC Lab are an independent Australian business  with over 19 Years of industry experience.
We are based in Melbourne with Local, National and Global partners.
We work with Architects, Developers, ESD Consultants, Primary Die Holders and System Companies. 
If you need to get your Fenestration Products Certified  for sales into the Australian market you may have multiple options.
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Thermal Transfer Videos
AFRC Lab has a New Service

Visit our Thermal Transfer Videos Page to get more information and to see some examples of our work
Thermal Transfer Videos
Custom Fenestration Certification 
Custom size, Custom Configurations or Custom Products.
WERS is a great tool for like vs like products, problem is the Fenestration sizes prescribed are generally far from what is being used on your projects. 
We offer this service to show you and your client exactly what can be achieved by modelling systems in their as Built state.
Do you need to understand how your products perform when simulated As Built?
If so Contact Us at AFRC Lab to discuss your needs and let us help you.
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Section J Compliance
Section J Compliance reporting
Do you need to prove your products meet the requirements of a section J report?
If so Contact Us at AFRC Lab to discuss your needs and let us help you.
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WERS Certification
WERS Certification provides the best like vs like comparison for the Fenestration Industry
visit to see the huge range of certified products available for the Australian market.  AFRC Lab afre able to provide simulated files for WERS to independantly certify.
WERS Certification is only available to WERS members

What is WERS
The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) provides a scientifically based, fair and credible rating system for the assessment of fenestration products for their energy efficiency performance.
WERS is accredited by the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) and adheres to AFRC protocols and procedures for the rating of windows and glazed doors.
Energy Ratings provided by WERS are third party certified to the AFRC requirements, compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC), and able to be used to meet regulatory requirements, you must be a WERS Member to have your products certified for use in WERS.

Do you need to have your products simulated for WERS to Certify? 
Contact Us at AFRC Lab.
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Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Got a Project? Already have a Window, Door or Façade system? Not sure how to achieve the project requirements?
Contact Us at AFRC Lab, let us know the problem, we will get you the answers you need to achieve the project requirements.
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Product Development
Product Development
Are you designing Fenestration products?
Get the best affordable advice before you spend money on new extrusions,
Spending time on this up front will help remove any surprises to your final products performance.
Contact Us at AFRC Lab, we will provide advice on the thermal performance of your concept,
show you its strengths and weaknesses,
provide imagery to back this up.
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Innovation to Market 
Custom Fenestration Projects and Ideas
Do you have an idea or a new product that does not have a method of rating?
We may have a solution already. If not AFRC Lab will work with you on developing a solution to your problem and help you get to market.
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